Volume 2

澳洲華人歷史  第二冊

  1. 從梅光達到張任謙: 在20世紀的澳洲華人
  2. 澳洲華人殖民先驅者的貢獻
  3. 澳洲各地華埠發展歷史
  4. 華人對澳洲工商業發展的貢獻
  5. 澳洲華裔參軍歷史
  6. 澳洲華人的地位及對社會的貢獻
  7. 澳洲華人榮獲大英帝國皇家勳銜及澳洲國家榮譽勳銜名錄
  8. 澳洲華人從政歷程和深遠影響
  9. 澳洲華人對中澳經貿發展的貢獻
  10. 澳洲華人基督教會的發展歷史
  11. 澳中關係
  12. 澳洲華人在21世紀面臨的挑戰


  1. From Quong Tarts to Victor Changs: Being Chinese in Australia in the 20th Century
  2. The contributions of the Chinese Australian pioneers
  3. The development history of Chinatowns in Australia
  4. The contribution of Chinese migrants to the development of Australian commerce and industry
  5. Chinese Australians in military service
  6. The status and achievement of the Chinese in Australia
  7. Chinese Australians awarded with British and Australian honour medals
  8. History and significance of Chinese Australians in politics
  9. The contribution of Chinese Australians to Australia-China trade and economy
  10. The history of Chinese Christian churches in Australia
  11. Australia – China relations
  12. The challenge and future of Chinese Australians in the 21st century
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Book size 280mm x 210mm

336 full colour pages with 900 historical pictures, including paintings of the Chinese Australian Historical Scrolls

Published in Chinese and English

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“This book brings to life the many achievements of early Chinese settlers in Australia from 1818. Readers can also learn about lesser-known migrants who have woven their achievements into the fabric of Australian life over the past 200 years. Their efforts have enriched our society and contributed to our harmonious multicultural State.”

The Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP, Former Premier of NSW